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Taika Waititi returns to MCU for ‘Thor 4’

Kiwi director/actor Taika Waititi’s got a long list of next projects, and Thor 4 is one of them.

It’s a good day for Thor: Ragnarok and Taikapaths out there! The Hollywood Reporter recently revealed that Taika Waititi is directing the next Thor installment. According to their report, Taika signed a deal, claiming he will write and direct Thor 4

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With his fresh take on Thor getting critical acclaim, we’re excited to see where he will take the Mjolnir-wielding superhero next. In Thor: Ragnarok, his signature wit and comedic timing shined through the narrative, and placed Chris Hemsworth’s Thor in a different light, giving the Aussie actor freedom to improvise and riff around with his fellow co-stars.

We’re happy to see Taika back in MCU. Although, we’re kind of bummed out. All his other projects will have to be moved indefinitely. ICYMI, he’s also spearheading the live-action adaptation of Akira, Flash Gordon, and his personal satirical project Jojo Rabbit. In the meantime, they all have to be shelved to make room for Thor’s production.

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There are no further details on Thor 4 so far. Still, we’re looking forward to Taika’s vision for MCU. After Spider-man: Far From Home sent us on an emotional feel-trip, this might be the pick-me-up Marvel fans like us need. But that might be what this director wants us to think.

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