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Asexuals aren’t real (and other myths about being ace) YEO KAA SPEAKER Yeo Kaa is a young artist who earned her Fine Arts degree in Advertising from the College of the Holy Spirit Manila. @yeo_kaa

Her pieces often present a recurring character as her subject: a wide-eyed girl painted with candy-colored hues that mask a dark message. With paintings ranging from crime scene tableaus to pictures of insanity painted in vibrant palettes, Yeo Kaa unapologetically explores the taboo.


Her passion for painting grew when she and some of her coursemates bagged the grand prize in an on-the-spot painting competition at the University of Santo Tomas in 2010. About a decade since that win, this young artist has taken part in several local and international group exhibitions including Art Fair Philippines, Art021, and Sydney Contemporary. She has also done a couple of solo exhibitions in Manila, Singapore, and Berlin. In 2018, she completed her residency at Arndt Art Agency in Berlin and was previously an artist-in-residence at Sarang 1 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, and Arteles at Haukljärvi, Finland.


Instagram: @yeokaa

Photography by Renz Mart Reyes
Styling by Oliver Emocling
Hair and Makeup by Pam Robes using NARS and Laura Mercier


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