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For the next six weeks, Chris Hemsworth will be your gym buddy (for free)

For the next six weeks, Chris Hemsworth will be your gym buddy (for free)

What do you do when quarantine starts to feel like mass imprisonment? Netflix and chill is an option, understanding what skincare routine works for your epidermis comes to mind, defending frontliners through your keyboard seems to work and a lot, lot more. 

But you know what a few of us haven’t tried yet? Venturing on a new exercise routine. Good thing Chris Hemsworth is offering virtual workouts to release our much-needed endorphins. 

The Australian actor (and actual Asgardian) announced this on his Instagram. All thanks to his app Centr, we can get six weeks of free virtual workouts from Thor himself. It also includes advice, recipes and sleep meditations. What a wholesome gift from this human golden retriever!

“During this period of self-isolation and uncertainty, I am offering six weeks of my health and fitness program Centr for free,” says Hemsworth in his post. “I think now more than ever is when we need to focus on what I believe to be the three key pillars to living: healthier and happier- movement, nutrition and mental fitness.

Quoting the criterion classic “Legally Blonde,” exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t kill their husbands, they just don’t. And I surely don’t want to kill anyone (since unnecessary violence doesn’t solve a damn pandemic). So of course, endorphins are what a lot of us need right now. 

Interested folks can sign up here

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