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Sad news for delivery kids: Honestbee is temporarily gone

Sad news for delivery kids: Honestbee is temporarily gone

Looks like we’re going to miss one of our weekend (and our lazy asses’) saviors. Online grocery and food delivery service Honestbee just announced that their operations will be temporarily suspended. “As we work with our headquarters towards bringing the total business to a healthy and sustainable level, we unfortunately need to temporarily pause our local operations until further notice,” Honestbee Philippines says in an e-mail to its partner merchants, according to Vulcan Post.

Honestbee has made it clear that their absence will just be temporary, but there is still no announcement on the exact date of their comeback as of writing. A source told Tech in Asia that the Philippines is currently the biggest market of the delivery platform (beating Singapore, Japan, Thailand, and more) so just imagine how extra grueling the waiting game will be for us Filipino shopper bees. Well I guess it’s time to lift my legs and head out now. Hoping to see you again soon. *sniffs*


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