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Bop to the latest earworm courtesy of the Vietnamese Health Department

Bop to the latest earworm courtesy of the Vietnamese Health Department

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, all sorts of direct (see: nationwide safety measures) and indirect (see: a beer brand getting a bad rep) effects are being felt on a global scale. This is why national governments and even private entities from countries around the world are doing their part to control and hopefully stop the virus from spreading even further. In line with this, Vietnam’s national health institute decided to release an animated music video as part of its campaign to spread awareness on the COVID-19 outbreak. Let’s just say by doing so, they raised the bar for info jingles on an international scale. And I must say, it is a bop.

Is this pop song the work of a passionate underground producer working for the national health department in Vietnam? Who knows. The only facts we know are all about maintaining safety and awareness in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak; that, and the fact that “Jealous Coronavirus” is an actual bop.

The song highlights the international efforts in controlling the virus and how we can do our part to protect ourselves and others. A proactive (and catchy) info jingle? We love to hear it.

From narrating how the outbreak began to outlining health safety guidelines, all while maintaining a catchy hook and a memorable chorus, I can only say: The range jumped out.

Photo still from “Jealous Coronavirus” Music Video


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