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BuwanBuwan Collective is asking for your 20-second handwashing beats

BuwanBuwan Collective is asking for your 20-second handwashing beats
Gabbi Garcia and Khalil Ramos for Scout x Globe

By now, we’ve all gone past the Centers for Disease Control-recommended “Happy Birthday” for our handwashing routine. Since it’s a little weird to belt it out by yourself, citizens of the internet have taken it upon themselves to sing 20-second snippets of their favorite songs. But local artist group BuwanBuwan Collective is offering an alternative—why not some handwashing beats?

Dubbed “Bakunawa: Quarantine Edition,” the collective is calling on beatmakers to add some flair to people’s handwashing regimen. BuwanBuwan is on the lookout for 20-second beats that fit these qualifications:

    1. Beats per minute (BPM) must be 48/96/192.
    2. Beat must be exactly 20 seconds long (no more, no less).
    3. No genre specifications or required samples.

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Got some of those beats up your sleeve? You can mail them over at [email protected]. Participants can send a max of three submissions with the file name “ArtistName_Title_SubmissionNo.” The deadline is on Mar. 25, so if you’re in isolation, consider your next week busy.

Art by Zaila Mae Urmeneta


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