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Nights of Rizal’s “Keep Moving” intertwines electronic and organic

With the successful launch of summer/salt in Route 196 weeks ago, electronic singer-songwriter Nights of Rizal spoils us all by dropping 10 tracks on Spotify last June 1st.

summer/salt, out on Spotify June 1st.

All 10 summer/salt tracks will be streaming on Spotify by June 1st. Take them with you on your last summer roadtrip, add them to your own playlists, and share them with your friends!Distributed by Gabi Na Naman Productions

Posted by Nights of Rizal on Wednesday, May 30, 2018

As seasons slowly change, Migi de Belen reminds us to stay afloat with new single “Keep Moving” up on Spotify the same day. The track begs to be interpreted both literally and figuratively: the sun inevitably starts to hide as gloom conquers the skies, and euphoria fleets sometimes almost unnoticed. With the revved-up electronic synth arrangements, it seems like a groovy track. Put in the vocals and you see a rawer version of the artist–unfiltered and sentimental yet uncompromisingly catchy.

Multiple synths, retro video game sounds, lifts, fuzzy bass melodies and sub-bass beat drops can be observed. These instrumental electronic components are meshed together with Migi’s flawless organic vocal deliveries. The mix avoids muddy and sharp frequencies, which in effect, give his pieces overall balance and clarity. Nights of Rizal unfailingly intertwined electronic and organic.

Stream  Loop it here.


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