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Oh, Flamingo! tells an emotional retrospect in “Four Corners”

Oh, Flamingo! tells an emotional retrospect in “Four Corners”

Indie rock band Oh, Flamingo! just dropped a new single and its visual counterpart, “Four Corners.” Just days before Valentine’s, this four-piece outfit unapologetically reminds us about the possible questions we ask when we look back at failed, or possibly even shortlived, relationships. The lyrics, “You were someone I thought I couldn’t live without / And now a silence is found in the darkness / Of these four corners / Why do we make things harder for us?” hit our deepest and darkest love woes, along with the helplessness about the fact that in the present, there’s nothing else that can be done.

With purples and reds dominating the music video, it’s not difficult to feel the element of love and loneliness, and the intensities of both. Adding up to its nostalgic personality is the VHS-like take on the story of a boy who dances with a ghost, a seemingly sad reflection of the remnants of the past he continually finds himself fixated on.


Jelou Galang
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