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One Click Straight gave us an exclusive look at their upcoming EP

One Click Straight gave us an exclusive look at their upcoming EP

Drop everything now—our favorite synth-pop quartet is off to a strong start this year. 

For a long while, the boys of One Click Straight have been dropping clues leading to an upcoming release slated tomorrow, Jan. 23. From the folks flocking on OCS’ Twitter page to the fans virtually gathered in the Nostalgics Facebook group, the words “Harana Coma” have molded their reason for excitement. Our take? Don’t worry one bit because your thrill guarantees something good—and we have this new EP’s tracklist.

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“Harana Coma” promises five tracks of old and new tunes—and we got to listen to new track “Sabay.”  Our take on our first listen? It treads between a refreshing rise and shine and a well-paced tour into the unknown (with some of that dark hovering our consciousness). There is meaning in its pauses, and the melody makes room for introspection. Despite that, it doesn’t isolate you into a corner. It sings lines like, “Huwag kang mag-alala / ‘Di tayo mawawala,” while pacifying any kind of chaos.


Powered by its captivating record art, “Harana Coma” surely sounds like something we’re willing to lose sleep for. We’re counting down the hours ‘til 12 midnight for its full release—and we don’t mind one bit. 


Jelou Galang
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