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QUIZ: What ‘Sour’ by Olivia Rodrigo song are you crying to tonight?

On May 21, 12:47 a.m., in the year of our Lord 2021, I experienced the most excruciating epiphany in a long time: Realizing that I, a young adult, still sob over heartbreak songs. 

But while Olivia Rodrigo’s debut record “Sour” hurts my pride, it hurts my heart more. I’m completely floored at how both comfortable and uncomfortable it feels, forcing me to watch all-too familiar supercuts of scenes I’d long decided to unsubscribe to. But it’s all good—as long as it means listening to an absolutely fantastic tracklist. 

I know almost everyone’s enjoying the subtle self-sabotage. So while we’re all trying to compartmentalize for another sacred listening session, let me prepare you for your fate tonight. If you’re listening to the album again, take this quiz to predict your crying cue. 

What’s the last thing that made you pick up a tissue roll?

from "drivers license"

Whether alone or with your sometimes-captious family, which of these movies do you avoid watching?

from "deja vu"

Which song do you secretly put on loop?

from "deja vu"

Choose a fictional character that feels like a call-out.

from "drivers license"

What were you tempted to do after listening to “Sour” for the first time?

from "drivers license"

Pick a no-context “Sour” lyric you can wear as a name tag.

from "good 4 u"

Which platform houses a bit of your ID, ego, and superego?

from "good 4 u"

In a TV series, who do you usually root for?

from "good 4 u"

QUIZ: What ‘Sour’ by Olivia Rodrigo song are you crying to tonight?
“1 step forward, 3 steps back” or “enough for you”
LBR: You’re selfless AF, but it can also get a little toxic. You’re aware of that, though, which is a good thing. Thanks to these songs, you might be able to remind yourself that it’s not your fault, and manipulators don’t deserve an inch of your space (even online). Here’s to being free from the chains.
“happier” or “traitor”
No matter how many times you deny it, you’re still a bit hung up on something really major. But hey, we can’t blame you. We all carry the past on our shoulders sometimes, which can also school us on many things in the present. Hopefully, these songs will help you process them until you don’t need to.
“hope ur ok”
Props to you: You might have unloaded a big chunk of your baggage. However, there’s still a pang every now and then, whether it’s a person, a thing or an opportunity you wish you didn’t leave in the past—which is completely normal. Memories are a double-edged sword and we’re not in control of everything, so we “hope ur ok” too.
“brutal” or “jealousy, jealousy”
We absolutely feel ya. There’s that never-ending self-hate you can’t quite pin down, and it just gets worse on some days. TBH though, with society’s criteria, no one ever passes. So we’d say fuck it and blast these two tracks on repeat until it somehow feels a little better.
Wow, all songs
All hail the “Sour” eternal loopers. You like your crying sessions long but honest because you know it’s also hella cathartic for you. Life’s tough, but your vulnerable and empathetic self will help you learn the ropes of it.

Photos from Olivia Rodrigo’s music videos (“drivers license,” “deja vu, “good 4 u”)

Art by Yel Sayo


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