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Scout Friday Picks: The Defiance Edition

Scout Friday Picks: The Defiance Edition

Look around you: there are movements happening today, and if you believe that certain things which have happened over the past week shouldn’t have happened, if you’re mad about them, then you should be mad. You should get your voice out there and be heard.

We’re not out there (yet, just you wait) but before we do, please allow us this little contribution. It’s Friday and that means our weekly playlist of songs to set the weekend mood, whatever it may be, is due. And it so happens that the weekend mood right now is anger, dissatisfaction, and defiance. Instead of asking someone else to do this for us, we’ve tailored our own short Angry Playlist to get you fired up (just in case you needed a little extra push, that is; there’s enough to get mad about around here already).

It may be corny and cliched at spots, we know, but trust us: it works. Be safe out there today.

Photo by Lyn Rillon for the Philippine Daily Inquirer


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