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Scout Friday Picks: Pass the aux cord

Scout Friday Picks: Pass the aux cord

Playlist by the Scout Team. Album art by Alexandra Mascenon

Music is an essential escape to most people both then and now. To many, it’s a catharsis, providing relief to many when life gets a little too much. Commuters, office workers, and students often have a handy headset over their ears to keep their attention between themselves and the music. Even when in the confines of our homes (the best place to space out), we find ourselves alone with artists singing out of our stereos.

For this week’s Scout Friday Picks, we curated a playlist here best for that–thinking about life, getting lost in your thoughts, blocking out the world outside to focus on yourself. Published on the latest Scout issue with Ronnie Alonte on the cover, our playlist’s range of artists has got Kid Cudi, no rome, Hana ABCD, FKA twigs, Radiohead, Tame Impala, and more, featuring their best songs centered on identity and the self. Plug your earphones in and get lost in the sound.


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