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Taylor Swift’s new single draws mixed reviews on Twitter

Taylor Swift’s new single draws mixed reviews on Twitter

After a year of dormancy, Taylor Swift has just dropped her first single from her upcoming album, Reputation. Though it has been much-anticipated ever since Taylor teased it with a cryptic snake video during the recently concluded solar eclipse, the song “Look What You Made Me Do” garnered some mixed reactions from people on the internet. And it does seem like almost everyone online has already heard it.

Even Taylor Swift fans themselves don’t know what to make of it, with the track having a strange overall production and a mouthful of angry lyrics (thanks to her previous Kim Kardashian/Kanye West feud).

And then, of course, there are the people who just…hate it, for lack of a better term.

Moving away from the track itself, who could forget all the hilarious tweet-commentary online? Twitter can get petty and we are here for it.

What about you guys? Is “Look What You Made Me Do” really a flop or not? Regardless of that, she’s definitely breaking the internet right now. Watch the video for yourself and tweet us your thoughts at @scoutmagph.


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