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The Ravelos’ ‘Sindikato’ is our post-election rage personified

The Ravelos’ ‘Sindikato’ is our post-election rage personified

Just in time for the elections last May 13, Rob Cham’s #SigawDarna concept band The Ravelos released a timely single.

Their new track “Sindikato” speaks for everyone who’s frustrated, confused, and enraged about the election results. The Ravelos’ rapid guitar licks and cut throat lyrics elevate the sentiments of rage in the track. In their lyrics, they voice out their frustrations: “Laging gutom, walang kabusugan/Gumagapang sa kasakiman/ Sasakmalin kahit sino man.” 

As the old Filipino saying goes: Bato-bato sa langit, tamaan wag magalit. The Ravelos may be a fictional band, but their punk, anti-B.S. attitude is as real as it gets.

Listen to the track here:

Art by Rob Cham


Rogin Losa
Written by

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