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Reinventing yourself doesn’t have to be in January

Reinventing yourself doesn’t have to be in January

“New year, new me” has always been the motto each and every year since it became more popular, but what do we exactly mean by that? Some take it as a change in lifestyle to as simple as a new hairdo.

But the fact of the matter is that we don’t suddenly change overnight once the new year rings in, year after year. We are people in a perpetual state of motion, adapting and changing to suit our needs depending on the situation. Dates like January 1st and our birthday are more symbolic, and we answer to the whim these dates dictate because it’s convenient.

You know what’s not convenient? Being tempted to buy things for the sake of finding a “new you” as soon as possible. Clothes, accessories, footwear: the items that shape your wardrobe and also your personality. Updating your look just because doesn’t sit well with you or your wallet.

Here’s what works: take your time to build yourself bit by bit and take advantage of opportunities along the way, like a good sale. Take it from model, jetsetter, and self-proclaimed island girl Madi Ross. “My mom is a little bit frugal and my dad is the opposite and likes to spoil me, and I think I’m in the middle. I always ask myself if I need it and if it’s worth the price. I like to think about stuff before I buy it.”

Be mindful about what you buy but remember that a good sale doesn’t come as often as you think. SM City North Edsa’s yearly Great Northern Sale is just around the corner–Feb 2-4 to be exact–and it’s the ideal time to slowly but surely build your image via retail therapy without putting a hole in your wallet. Like Madi, you’ll have extra money to travel to your favorite destinations with some new clothes. Sounds like a good first step to a “new me.”


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