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Here’s your chance to study in Japan

Here’s your chance to study in Japan

If you allot the wee hours of your day daydreaming about being a student in Japan’s precious school halls, then it might be a good—or even the best—idea to attend The Japan Education Fair. This program is sponsored by the Japan Foundation Manila, Philippine Federation of Japan Alumni (PHILFEJA), and the Embassy of Japan in the Philippines.

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Interested individuals can attend The Japan Education Fair on Jul. 27 in Davao and Jul. 28 in Manila. Each session means getting to talk face-to-face with representatives of Japan schools to ask about their programs and expenses. You might also score a scholarship grant. There will also be employment opportunities for those who want to work while studying. And get this: registration is free! Just head to this site to secure a slot, or go to Japan Education Fair’s page to know more about the event.

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