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4 alternatives for carbs that will perfectly fit your Keto diet

4 alternatives for carbs that will perfectly fit your Keto diet

Just like any breakup, letting go of carbs can get very difficult. However, if you’re diagnosed with PCOS like me, there isn’t really much of an option. My doctor wanted me to observe Keto, which is basically a low-carb, high-fat diet. Eating something high in carbs makes our body produce glucose and insulin. Because women with PCOS are more prone to insulin resistance, Keto is a promising way to go.

Although my doctor isn’t as strict as others can get, I take it upon myself to observe a low-carb diet. Except here’s the thing: I love carbs. I love rice and pasta. Completely letting go of carbs was too hard an adjustment. Over time, I found alternatives for carb-cravings that perfectly compliment my prescribed Keto diet.


In this Filipino cuisine, almost every food is best paired with rice. The flavors perfectly compliment the subtlety and texture of newly cooked white rice. As someone who grew up in a provincial household, I was accustomed to this certain diet for most of my life. Finding out I had PCOS and this meant cutting rice was kind of unsettling. However, I switched it up with quinoa. Quinoa is a gluten-free high-protein plant food you can replace rice with. According to sources, white rice has about 15 times more grams of carbohydrates, while quinoa gives 5 more grams of fiber, and twice the protein.

This is a very good alternative for rice, since it has the texture of brown rice and the subtle sweetness of it. Its cooking process is also similar to that of rice. Where to get it? You can purchase online and have it delivered. Most supermarkets have them too.

Protein Pasta

Posted by 7Grains on Sunday, January 7, 2018

Protein pasta is just your regular pasta but innovated. 7grains, a PH-based company that provides convenient and sustainable “healthy food substitution,” uses soybean rather than typical high-carb ingredient. This means you don’t have to give pasta up completely. You can totally enjoy your favorite sauces, with the perfect imitation and consistency of the noodle dish.

How to get it? You can order via their Facebook Page here.

Cauliflower Rice

This one I personally tried at a vegan restaurant in Makati. At first, I wasn’t expecting much since the flavor and consistency of cauliflower is very different to that of rice. However, with the perfect technique and seasoning, cauliflower can be an amazing substitute. It doesn’t overpower, but complements saucy dishes. Although seasonal in the restaurant, it’s very easy to make at home.

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Zucchini Pasta

I know this sounds gross if you’re not much of a veggie eater. Don’t worry, it’s not going to be a soggy mess. Zucchini can have that same pasta consistency if cooked right. You don’t need Michelin-worthy techniques to perfectly master the art of “zoodles.” (Apparently, it’s a thing.) You can check this link which teaches you a step-by-step process and in different ways too.

I thought that being diagnosed with PCOS would mark the end of my relationship with carbs. However, I found ways that would still satisfy my cravings. After all, life is just compromises on top of compromises. What to do when you love carbs but you have to let it go? Now you got an idea.

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