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Smell like Dunkin’ Donuts coffee with these scented candles

Smell like Dunkin’ Donuts coffee with these scented candles
Gabbi Garcia and Khalil Ramos for Scout x Globe

We know how most morning routines go—you take a whiff of that familiar freshly brewed scent, and your imaginary health bar suddenly gets a boost. Now, you can absorb those vibes for the rest of the day (or 60-80 hours) with Dunkin’ Donuts’ coffee-scented candles.

Sold by online candle shop Homesick, the Dunkin’ collection recreates the famous doughnut shop’s caffeinated flavors, like Original Blend, Old Fashioned, and the Christmas-themed Peppermint Mocha. No coffee beans were ground in the making of these candles—they’re all made from all-natural coconut wax blend, with a typical burn time of 60 to 80 hours.

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The candles cost $29.95 each, or approximately 1,500 Pesos. We’re crossing our fingers that they’ll ship on this side of the world soon—us all-nighters need an instant pick-me-up, after all.


Photo courtesy of Homesick


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