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How Manila’s roads give us #Sweeeet daydreams

How Manila’s roads give us #Sweeeet daydreams

The thing about driving in heavy traffic is that it’s in the worst side of the spectrum between idle time and time well spent. You can’t tilt back and relax, but you also can’t pull out your laptop and work on those reports for work. Your foot is on the pedal, your hands are on the wheel, and your eyes are on the road. Your body is at work, but your mind. . .where can it fly off and daydream?

Roads are for thinking about places you’re not. Especially in what probably is Metro Manila’s longest thoroughfare, not only in terms of length but also in the sheer time people collectively spend in traffic while traversing the road, EDSA. How many hours have we spent thinking about doing, being, enjoying in another place while stuck in the road?

Good thing that the same planning that permits us roads in the first place also gave us buildings, and with them, billboards. Billboards that help us remember moments, and plan for moments ahead.

But what about some sweeeet times? There’s a billboard up along EDSA southbound, in the PET Plans Tower, that projects 3D lemon and apple of San Miguel Flavored Beer with Yassi Pressman and her barkada hanging out. Just like Yassi and her buddies, whenever you look up, you’ll think of one thing: The #sweeeet times you could be having right now with some San Miguel Flavored Beer Lemon & Apple. Time to crack a cold one with the barkada; the heavy traffic will definitely pay off when you get home.


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