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See Twitter folks turn into their cartoon doppelgangers

See Twitter folks turn into their cartoon doppelgangers

Thanks to Twitter, the quarantine saw the age of a gazillion Picrews. Now, we’re flexing our virtual cloning fantasies with animated doppelgangers of ourselves.

Recently, entries from the Twitter trend “Me vs. Animated Me” have been blessing our timelines. From badass anime characters to Disney antagonists, this never-ending thread keeps us absolutely entertained (and makes us realize that maybe—just maybe—art imitates life, too.)

Our header photo shows how animator and storybook illustrator Sai really is our Princess Bubblegum IRL. Meanwhile, Yukiko Amagi of “Persona 4” is the alter ego of artist and musician Mich Cervantes—topped with a red headband she drew herself.

Though we don’t know who exactly started this, we want to give them well-deserved props. The next step: looking for an animated character that suits our personality.

Header art by Tine Paz Yap, photos by SAI (@pandesaii on Twitter)


Jelou Galang
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