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6 things I want to buy from Nickelodeon’s style page

6 things I want to buy from Nickelodeon’s style page

If there’s any bigger Nickelodeon fantasy than getting soaked in slime, it has to be this: an Instagram breeding ground of good Nickelodeon shit on sale. 

IG account Nickelodeon Style connects us to stores that sell hella dope items from our favorite Nick shows. Thanks to this virtual goldmine, we’re free to fantasize about (and buy) existing merch that absolutely goes beyond expectations—no B.S. at all. From sweaters and socks to guide books, tank tops and even slow cookers, we’ll instantly be transported to the realm of our fave cartoons—and even become the characters ourselves. Shout out to the ’90s kids like me.

In the hopes of nursing both my excitement and frustration, I’ve listed the first things I’d get if this page were a physical store and I had all the money in the world. Cartoon gods, if you’re reading this, maybe take a chance on me?

“SpongeBob SquarePants” tie-dye tees

Tie-dye and SpongeBob is definitely not the hybrid we expected, but we’re sure it’s the one we deserve. I never thought we’d thank SpongeBob for some fire ’fits. 

Tie-dye apologists won’t find happiness in SpongeBob merch alone. We also spotted sweaters for Avatar and Rugrats fans. Okay, maybe I want 10?


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Crumple, sunburst, spiral…what’s your tie dye fit? 🌀{#SpongeBob tees via link in bio}

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Life guides from “Rugrats” and “Hey Arnold!”

Am I a twentysomething who’s expected to learn the ropes in life? Maybe. Am I willing to get advice from cartoon characters? That, I am more sure of. 


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The most crucial reads of the summer 📖 {shop #Nickelodeon books via link in bio}

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This cool ass cooler

Full disclosure: The first time I saw this, I instantly thought of that iconic ’90s Nickelodeon lunchbox. Remember that rocketship tumbler? Whoever pitched this cooler idea probably had a great childhood (or, at least, great recess memories) because of that lunchbox so they decided on a sequel. 

IRL adventures may be on the backburner, but this cooler looks like a sick collectible. Especially when you see “The Angry Beavers,” “Hey Arnold!” and “Rugrats”. 


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Packing for the weekend? ~Cool~ it. It’s only Tuesday {‘90s Nick cooler via link in bio}

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Pickle Spears from Rugrats

Who would forget the legends, the icons, the stars a.k.a. Pickles siblings? “Rugrats” wouldn’t be “Rugrats” without them. 

Written above is probably the train of thought of whoever created this. No complaints, though—this makes us want a Nickelodeon-themed grocery shopping run now. 

Girl Gang shirt 

Congratulations, we’ve lived long enough to witness a shirt dedicated to the amazing women of “Hey Arnold!” There’s the icy cold but secret softie Helga Pataki, the popular and helpful Rhonda Wellington, the sensitive and smart Phoebe Heyerdahl, the bug-loving Nadine, the iconic pen pal Cecile and the confident Ruth Macdougal. Who’s your bias? 


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Don’t need a box of chocolates when you have a sweet #GirlGang 🍫 {tee via link in bio}

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A glimpse of the Nickelodeon universe in a jacket

Is this a steal or is this a steal? You didn’t need to make it hard for us, Nickelodeon. 

Still from Encyclopedia SpongeBobia / “The Spongebob Squarepants Movie” (2004)


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