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This ‘Last Message Received’ Tumblr will break your heart

This ‘Last Message Received’ Tumblr will break your heart

By Nico Pascual
Images: The Last Message

Back when I actively kept a Tumblr blog, I would frequent The Final Sentence, a blog compiling the final sentences from literary works. Today, I came across another Tumblr which also caters to final messages, only this time they focus on correspondence between former friends, lovers, or deceased loved ones. Emily Trunko, the 16-year-old founder of The Last Message, told Buzzfeed that she has always been interested in the inner lives of other people, and she thought that the last message sent before someone passed away or a breakup will be really poignant. And she’s right.

Some of the messages are short, some are long. Some are mean, and some are sad. But some are bound to play with your heartstrings before violently pulling them out.

The most heartbreaking posts are the ones that force you to reevaluate what you send out to other people, regardless of the situation you find yourself in. In a world where texting or other forms of online messaging is the main form of communication for so many people, unfinished conversations are all too common. Trunko herself told Buzzfeed that since creating the Tumblr, she’s become more mindful of her own conversations with people. “Every message I send to them could be the last one I ever exchange. And every message I receive could be the last one I receive.”


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