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Your Quick Reminder About Today’s Big EDSA Rally

Your Quick Reminder About Today’s Big EDSA Rally

Just in case you’ve been living under some sort of geological formation all this time, there’s a huge Bonifacio Day rally planned for this afternoon and evening protesting Marcos’s Ninja Burial™ last November 18. So far, today’s big gathering is the short-term culmination of all the movements that have happened (and have impressively happened quickly) since the government proceeded to screw us over behind our backs.

Today’s rally at EDSA isn’t just a show of indignance, however; it seems like it’s also going to be one big celebration of the Filipino’s fighting spirit, especially when that spirit is pushing for simple justice. There’s a whole lineup of musical acts across a lot of genres on deck tonight (see the poster below, c/o Ang Bandang Shirley), and it’s about to be one big party, for a lack of a better way to put it.

And for those coming to the People Power Monument, don’t forget these really important basic tips: eat a lot and get your strength up, bring water so you can hydrate (it’s still a long evening), always go, meet up, and stay with someone you know once you’re there, and if you’re the type who wants to avoid getting IDed at rallies like this, wear clothing that makes you a little more inconspicuous.

Stay safe out there, and keep fighting the good fight.

Photo by Dexter Cabalza for the Philippine Daily Inquirer


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