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The Remixes Of Richard Spencer Getting Punched Are Glorious

The Remixes Of Richard Spencer Getting Punched Are Glorious

We know, we know. We said that call-out culture is harmful and toxic when it comes to disagreements, but when someone’s deliberately antagonizing and proud to be the antagonist, civility naturally gets thrown out the window. (Otherwise, don’t pass up on the chance to convert people who could still be allies.) It’s guys like notorious jackass Richard Spencer, leader of the so-called alt right movement and desecrator of Pepe the Frog, who deserve to catch hands.

If you live on the internet like we do, you’ve probably seen the now-popular video of Spencer getting a sucker punch during a live interview. If not, here:


Don’t feel too bad for him. He’s a far-right activist and low-key Nazi (who advocates for the strengthening of the “white identity,” as if it wasn’t already strong enough), and while he’s got freedom of expression and opinion, you’re also accountable for the things you say. If you spew some pretty xenophobic and bigoted rhetoric, you really can’t be surprised when the people you offend come for you. Especially if they also look like they’re about to start spewing out #alternativefacts.

People on the internet have already done what they do and remixed the footage, setting it to all kinds of different music. While we’re not sure we agree with the act of clocking the dude unprovoked (Bernie Sanders supporter Killer Mike seems to think it’s cool), we’ll just chalk it up to karma getting back at such a terrible dude. And laugh at the results.

That last one probably takes the cake.


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