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6 types of distracted driving we’re all guilty of doing

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We all know about the “traffic problem” here in the Philippines; it comes to no surprise that we’ve consecutively ranked in on Waze’s yearender Driver Satisfaction Index survey as the “worst city to drive in.” Finding ways to cope with traffic’s become a daily practice for commuters and motorists alike. Admit it or not we’re all guilty of “distracted driving” or the act of driving while being engaged in other activities. And even if you don’t drive, we know you know what we’re talking about.

In light of the Anti-Distracted Driving Act taking into full effect from today, we’ve listed down six types of distraction driving that we know you’ve done or encountered at some point. Don’t know what the Anti-Distracted Driving Act is? Well, it’s basically a bill passed by the Senate last May that prohibits and penalizes drivers who practice distracted driving.

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We know all your friends are on your phone, but yo that shit’s dangerous. It can wait.


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I mean why else are there three mirrors in your car right? 



Be it a funky jeep name or a flashy billboard, we know. We get it, but as tempting as it is to gawk, it’s time to learn some self-control.

Readjusting your GPS


Don’t lie. We know you click that “passenger” button on Waze. Punching in your destination while driving won’t make you get there any faster, do it before getting into your car.



Like, what’s the point of drive-thrus if you can’t eat it while it’s hot. Maybe get delivery instead.

Lost in thought


We know you had a bad day or maybe sempai actually noticed you. Keep your eyes on the road, ya’ll!

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