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People Are Turning Pokémon Go Into Missed Connections

People Are Turning Pokémon Go Into Missed Connections

People in the Philippines are still waiting for the official local release of Pokémon Go with bated breath, missing out on all the catching and battling action until it drops later this month. They might have one more reason to download the game (as if we needed any more convincing) with this other unintended feature of the game, however—the game’s Pokéstops and Pokémon-catching mechanics are turning into missed connections.

Pokémon Go players (who don’t necessarily have to play together, but are inevitably bound to interact with others) in the US are now posting missed connection ads on Craigslist, running after people they’ve met playing the game. Check these out:

We bet this lovelorn country is easily going to be able to top these once Pokemon Go is unlocked to us. Metro Manila Missed Connections would be on a new roll (should it ever decide to start back up).


Images from Mashable and Polygon


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