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Pringles has made a self-feeding headset for gamers

Pringles has made a self-feeding headset for gamers

Picture this: You’re sitting on the couch, headset on, 50 levels deep into “Overwatch.” Just as you’re about to make that killing blow, your stomach starts to growl. There’s the can of Pringles perched on the coffee table, and you’re left with two scenarios: You either do some mad one-handed gaming skills, or risk that one life you have left by grabbing that can. Now, you can scratch both of these half-baked plans, as Pringles introduces their self-feeding headset designed specifically for gamers.

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If baseball goers have drink guzzler hats, gamers have a thing of their own. Named the “Hunger Hammer,” the Pringles-designed device holds a tube of chips on the side of a headset. When enabled, it will dispense a Pringle right into the wearer’s mouth. Despite it still being on beta, Pringles has tapped Twitch streamer Criken to promote the new product. If this is the modern version of loyal subjects feeding you grapes, then sign me up.

Check out the video below:

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