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Waze now lets you record yourself telling yourself where to go

Waze now lets you record yourself telling yourself where to go

You ever get annoyed at your Uber just because the driver had the boyband Waze narrator singing his/her next turn? Waze seems to think you can do better, because it now has the option to let you record your own narration.

In case you haven’t seen it and you use Waze, there’s an update that released for the Android version of the app last week that allows full customization of the voice instructions, enabling a completely personal navigation experience. To access it, all you have to do is find the Sound & Voice tab in the app’s settings, where a voice recorder menu is hiding. If you didn’t know then, now you know—and this is still pretty hilarious to us.

The customization feature definitely makes sense when you consider that there are drivers out there (and elsewhere in the world) who may prefer to communicate in another language. Otherwise, it’s just a way for people who have the app to get rid of the boring and annoying stock voices.

Unfortunately, this still isn’t going to help drivers who have zero sense of direction and spatial reasoning overrelying on the app, which tends to confuse drivers even more in high-traffic situations and make for longer Uber/Grab rides. Guess we’re outta luck there.

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