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The “Alone/Together” trailer is full of what ifs and tears

The “Alone/Together” trailer is full of what ifs and tears

The oddest predictions and theories later, Antonette Jadaone’s upcoming brainchild, Alone/Together has finally uncovered itself bit by bit. To start off the love month, the much-awaited trailer of the seemingly sappy romance flick has been released today, Feb. 1. With its heartbreaking teaser last month, I bet we all came prepared with a pack of tissue for this official trailer.

What does this more detailed preview lay out for us? What ifs. Lots of them. The reality of growing, and the distance supposedly needed to make growth possible. The making, changing, and ending of dreams. The youthful feeling of love back in college. Us against the world, maybe? Pieces of nostalgia, from their spots to the song. Most of all, the concept of having that great love in our lifetime.

Since the announcement of this project last month, Alone/Together has been a talk of the town on the interwebs. The powerful formula for this film makes it an undeniable fact.

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