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This church played Lady Gaga’s “Shallow” for Ash Wednesday

This church played Lady Gaga’s “Shallow” for Ash Wednesday

This past year, the world bore witness to Lady Gaga’s true power. Two Grammys, an Oscar, a BAFTA, and a Critic’s Choice Award win among many others in the past few months alone proved just that. Add to her stellar career as an entertainer, she’s also a proud and progressive Christian woman herself—and it looks like the church is more than happy to return the love.

In a tweet earlier today from @ivanMONasTERial , an Ash Wednesday sermon at Ateneo’s Church of Gesù featured A Star Is Born’s crown jewel, “Shallow.”

We talked to Ivan to enlighten us about what went down at the sermon. “The priest’s premise was: instead of eat-all-you-can’s, instead of shrimp buckets, chicken buckets, we should ask ourselves, bakit?” he shared. According to Ivan, the priest then continued, “We should ask ourselves the deeper questions, and not be shallow,” after which he played none other than the track, “Shallow.” Okay, father, a point was made.

Who is this priest, and can we be friends? Can we get a choral rendition of this? Also, where is this shrimp bucket the priest speaks of? We have so many burning questions. Right now, all we can say to this sermon is: a-freaking-men.

Still from Lady Gaga’s “Alejandro” MV


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