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Peep #ScoutBilyaran from the film lens of our friends and fam

Peep #ScoutBilyaran from the film lens of our friends and fam

In our heads, #ScoutBilyaran has gotten a little blurry. Blame it on the booze and all our headbanging. Now that’s the sign of a good night.

The fourth Scout Socials marks the end of another crazy year for us. To celebrate, we had a little pool party at ACueStick Billiards and invited our friends and fam to the affair. Big thanks to Jia Meneses, SHNTI, Jigo Viriña and Mariamaria for swinging by to perform a banging set for everyone. I, for one, woke up with a sore body after all that dancing.

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Thankfully, before we were all out of commission, we asked a little help from everyone to commemorate the night by passing a disposable film camera around. Everyone took a (film) shot and passed it on. See the pics below, and we’ll catch you all next year.


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