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Arrange your burial with this ‘DIY Funeral Kit’

Arrange your burial with this ‘DIY Funeral Kit’

Remember the movie “Magnifico”? The one where the lead character builds a coffin for his terminally ill grandmother, but ends up using it for himself in the end? Well, thanks to this Nagano-based company, everyone can now relive this exact storyline. Evidently, a dream come true.

Tsubasa, a funerary service company in Saku City, has started taking orders for their Do-It-Yourself Funeral Set. The set includes a wooden coffin (with a fold-open window to show the face of the deceased), a pillow, mattress, and blanket. Planning for a cremation? Don’t fret, for they also have an urn for ashes, three furoshiki wrapping cloths, and a silver-accented box to hold the bones. Lastly, there’s a handbook that explains the ceremony to put the departed soul in peace—makeup tips not included.

The set is on sale for 25,800 yen (P11,935.23), which is much more economical than the average cost for professional funeral service. A bargain, I must say.

Not that we’re planning on dying anytime soon, but a little preparation never hurt (or killed) anybody. But provided that you’ve got a loved one who’d be willing to do you one last favor, you can order Tsubasa’s DIY Funeral set here.


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