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ICYMI, a cruelty-free ‘Hunger Games’ makeup line exists

Gabbi Garcia and Khalil Ramos for Scout x Globe

Now I’m not much of a makeup junkie, but if there’s a chance that I can channel that Katniss Everdeen glow she had at the parade, looking bomb as hell as her dress slowly burned in front of all of Panem, I’ll take it. But maybe a “Hunger Games” makeup line is the closest I can get to that. 

Dropped just this month, Storybook Cosmetics’ “The World of Hunger Games” collection features three metal compacts packaged with the iconic Mockingjay embossed on top.

The metal compacts come in three different shades after Katniss’ nicknames throughout the series: “Girl On Fire,” “Beacon of Hope” and (the symbol of) “Revolution.” According to the product description, they’re “made for all skin types” and are safe for contour and eyeshadow use. (And yes, their FAQs assure that their products are cruelty-free.)

Highlighters are selling at $28 each (or about P1,360), though you can get the whole set for $80 (or almost P3,900).

This isn’t the first time that Storybook Cosmetics has worked on makeup inspired by literature and pop culture faves. One of their most popular products is the Burn Book palette, a nod to that nasty book from “Mean Girls.” Peep some of their stuff if you love ’90s lit nostalgia or you just enjoy makeup that would look right at home in your Pinterest boards.


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