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Balenciaga’s version of dystopia involves floods and iPhone cord hair ties

Balenciaga’s version of dystopia involves floods and iPhone cord hair ties
Gabbi Garcia and Khalil Ramos for Scout x Globe

You heard it from Balenciaga first: Scrunchies and hair ties are over in the near-post-apocalyptic future.

Balenciaga’s Fall/Winter 2020 fashion show is the brand’s interpretation of dystopia, and in it we use iPhone cords not just for battery life but also to tie our hair up. Finally, we have found uses for the thing after they break five months later!


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The show can very likely be a prediction of the future. In it, the models stomped down a flooded runway as the booming sounds of armageddon played in the background. Every other model wore blood red or pitch black sclera contact lenses, maybe because all of us have gone blind from screens by then. Some also clutched nothing but their iPhones, a.k.a. our future overlords. The space’s LCD ceiling lit the runway with a fiery inferno to complete the chic painting of the end times.

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Clearly, the future is laid out for us: only the rich will survive with nothing but the Balenciaga clothes on their backs. They will tweet about it on their iPhone 32’s in sorrow and tie their hair up with cords. Get on the trend while the planet’s still intact.

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