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Syndicate Original’s SS18 collection is a love letter to ’90s D.I.Y culture

Syndicate Original’s SS18 collection is a love letter to ’90s D.I.Y culture

People can draw similarities between the early ‘90s and the late 2000s. The continuous progress of the digital age, fashion’s retro-futuristic aesthetic, and of course, the political turmoil the youth’s still battling. We still face the same chaos 28 years ago. What did young people do then? Through making their own digital sound and releasing homegrown streetwear brands, they made themselves. They seek balance within when there’s chaos out there. That’s what Syndicate Original captured in their SS18 collection.

This streetwear brand based in Ukraine just dropped their Spring/Summer collection for the year. Appropriately titled as “Capsule,” the pieces for their latest drop captures the harmonious chaos of the noughties. Anton Abo, co-founder of Syndicate Original collaborated with artists Dima Krasniy and Venya Son. Main inspirations of the pieces were the rowdiness of the decade and the neon futurism of Japan.

“We were planning two collaborations, first one with Dima Krasniy (D.KRSN) who adores Japan and makes prints about it, and the second one with Venya Son, whose task was to make illustrations about Kyiv`s ramen places. In result we managed to combine these two projects into one collection.” Anton explained through their website.

Known for capturing the central point of design and technology, Syndicate Original’s vision translates well into the clothing they had sewn. No release captured their vision better than the “Capsule” collection. Check it below.

Click here to cop this collection. It’s made in Ukraine for the whole world.


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