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Reach For The Sky With The Vans x Toy Story Collab

Reach For The Sky With The Vans x Toy Story Collab

Some attempts at banking on nostalgia can come off as tacky, if not insincere. But done correctly, a throwback can be cool enough to be a homage without banking too much on the past. The key here is style. And this collab has lots of it.

The recently announced Vans x Toy Story collection is subtle enough to blend in any fit but will make anyone who watched the original a long way back to turn their heads. Just look at the “ANDY” etched on the sole of one of the pairs from the collection. Why didn’t we think of that?


Toy Story’s original characters Buzz, Woody, Hamm, Slinky Dog, Bo Peep, Rex, and even Sid’s mutant toys serve as inspirations for the designs of the collection in the form Sk8 His, Old Skools, and Authentics. Aside from sizes for men and women, there are also variations for kids in the form of slip ons.

Vans x Disney collabs aren’t new, but for sure this Toy Story collection won’t be sitting on shelves pretty soon. Pretty good plan B for Halloween, eh?

The collection is out come October 7th, according to the Vans website.




Photos from Highsnobiety and Vans.


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