• On unrequited love, ‘80s music, and brotherhood: The evolution of One Click Straight

    One Click Straight comes of age and releases unrequited love track, "She."

  • The second coming of Carla Humphries

    The actress is back with a better version of herself.

  • Meet the 16-year-old vlogger documenting his entire move to the Philippines

    Luke Bowers is the travel vlogger to watch.

  • Here’s why IV OF SPADES is about to become your new favorite band

    Local band IV OF SPADES just wants to make people dance.

  • Gabbi Garcia talks music and delving into artistry beyond expectations

    Gabbi Garcia is on a rocket to the moon.

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Get to know the next generation of Manila’s budding film photographers

Saying goodbye to 2017 with art and music in Scout Socials

Get to know the bros behind streetwear movement ‘Support Your Friends’

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