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This dye is perfect for Filipinos who don’t like bleaching their hair

This dye is perfect for Filipinos who don’t like bleaching their hair

By Denise Fernandez

For those Filipinos who love dyeing their hair in crazy colors–myself included–we all know the pains and struggles of bleaching. It’s itchy, hot, and could possibly burn your scalp if you don’t know how to do it yourself. And let’s not forget how dry and damaged your hair could get right after.

I used to be a redhead, an orange (?) head, and a blonde back in college, but I stopped bleaching my hair after I realized how high-maintenance and expensive it is. I still like colored hair and all; it’s just that I’m way too lazy to go through all maintenance again.

And so the heavens, or rather, cosmetics brand Lime Crime, has listened to the prayers of lazy boys and girls everywhere and came up with some new products off their Unicorn Hair dye line. Just been made available on their web store today, Lime Crime’s Dark Unicorn collection was especially created for brunettes who want vibrant colored hair without the hassle of bleach. It’s different from the other colors off the normal Unicorn Hair line because the rest of these dyes need pre-bleached locks.

Though the description technically says that the formula works best on “light to medium brown hair,” we’re still excited to try them out on our dark-haired heads. Who knows, right? If bleach still needs to be involved, then perhaps this dye won’t require you to fry your scalp to a crisp.

Check out all the Dark Unicorn colors you can get right here:

Sea Witch, a deep green shade

Chestnut, a mix of deep brown and crimson

Squid, a gorgeous dark violet color

Charcoal, an Instagram-approved gray shade

Photos from Lime Crime


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