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In concerts, girls are reclaiming the narrative of dressing up

In concerts, girls are reclaiming the narrative of dressing up

Fans from different parts of the world made sure to catch Taylor Swift’s “The Eras” tour in Singapore, the Grammy award-winning singer’s only Southeast Asian stop covering six nights in March. International names such as BLACKPINK’s Lisa, former CLC member Sorn, SHINee’s Minho, and even “Saltburn” actor Barry Keoghan, as well as local stars and internet personalities like Taylor Sheesh, Rei Germar, Mimiyuuuh, and Scout cover stars Niana Guerrero and David Licauco made the whole place shimmer at the Singapore National Stadium. 


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Besides the celebrities in attendance, crowds lined up at the National Stadium clad in friendship bracelets, glitters, and Taylor Swift-era-inspired outfits, which screams the epitome of girlhood to me. 

Although I wasn’t able to see the concert ’fits in the flesh, the joy of others while doing this emanates through the screen as I scroll through Instagram Stories, Reels, and TikToks recounting euphoric experiences. Seeing various POVs makes me so happy to be part of this generation, where we all not only show up but dress for the occasion. 

It’s even more amazing to see how girls support girls with all this. The exchange of compliments is so refreshing to see, trumping the negativity from bitter online trolls who feast on the happiness of others, or guys who like to suck the joy out of everything girls do. (And it’s not like sports fans don’t dress up in jerseys repping their supported teams and players, too. Cue “The Man” by Taylor Swift.)

Because newsflash: We might not know for whom and what these fans are really dressing up for as there is no right answer and no true way of really knowing—but it isn’t for people who don’t understand the joy in it. This is also a fan’s way of taking ownership of the much-awaited moment—and no one is allowed to take it that away.


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There are many reasons why dressing up sparks as much joy as it does, especially now, after the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic. It appears that we value dressing up for the occasion more now. 

In a BBC article, Rose Turner, a fashion psychologist at the London College of Fashion says, “Clothing impacts how people think and behave.” 

Meanwhile, according to fashion futurist Geraldine Wharry, “Dressing up is a way of reclaiming happiness regardless of outside factors. It’s realizing that you, as a person, even if no one else sees you, are the most important thing.” 

She adds, “People are getting creative with the clothes in their closets and having fun.”

And we are not seeing this for the first time with “The Eras” tour outfits because similarly in 2022 and 2023, Harry Styles’ “Love on Tour” also brought upon thousands of fans dressing up in cowboy hats and feather boas. Additionally, just recently, Olivia Rodrigo’s fans have also shown up in what seems to be a mixture of purple, grunge, glitter, and butterflies. The preparation for these outfits may take months for some, but online, many allude to this feeling as what kids feel while waiting for field trips or Christmas; the anticipation doubles the excitement. These concerts serve as another freeing space, especially for women, who are often shamed for what they wear.


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The outfits look amazing, especially when worn with confidence and with all the fun in mind with it.

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