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Check out the folks who pulled up at Scout’s anniversary party



Sudden scares? Costumes to die for? Check. While the spooky season may have come and gone, we’re still here recovering from our Halloween hangovers. Our Halloween-slash-anniversary party last Oct. 30 brought more than your regular spookswe also spotted some of the cool kids who popped by via some sweet rides.

These folks drove by with Toyota, and pulled up at the Ick House curb in ’fits that get gold stars from us. Take a peek at those who dropped by:

Kartell’em (@kartellem)

Kartell’em (@kartellem)

Dane Jeshorun (@jeshorun)

Cara Lopez (@cdclopez) and friends

Not only that, the Toyota Unsuspicious booth also served some frights of their own. Once they snap a photo, the unsuspecting subject would be treated to a hair-raising hug from a pair of ghoulish hands. For those on the jittery side, this may sound like the stuff of nightmares—unless you’re a brave soul like some of our guests.

Photography by JP Talapian



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