Curtismith deviates from his usual jazz-infused style with new track “Follow”

This morning, Mito Fabie—better known as Curtismith—dropped a brand new track with Tarsier Records’ Moophs. The single, entitled “Follow,” deviates from his usual jazz-infused brand that had us bopping our heads. Instead, the rapper enters a more electropop-sounding territory and explores a style unlike we’re used to.

His last material prior to “Follow” was his 6-track compilation, The Motions, which he released last November. Accompanying the post was a personal message from Mito himself, explaining his relative silence from making music. “I haven’t been feeling much like myself recently. Before today, (Novevember 18, 2017) I was set on scrapping my next project entirely,” he shared. “I’ve been feeling lost, fatigued and uninspired. I didn’t want to release anything that I wasn’t extremely certain about; this collection of drafts is one of those things.”

It looks like Curtismith is slowly recovering his funk, track by track.

Listen to “Follow” below.

Images from Inquirer and Rappler