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You can change this interactive dress’ design with just a click

You can change this interactive dress’ design with just a click

Do you remember the “blue and black, or white and gold?” dress debacle of 2015?

The online discussion divided the internet, and scientists gave their own takes on why people were seeing different colors. 

Well, another mind-blowing dress is the talk of the town this year, sans the arguments on what color it really has. Instead, this creation’s interesting trait is that its design changes in just a few seconds.

In case you missed it, Adobe’s Project Primrose is an interactive dress that allows its wearer to feel like a character from a fantasy realm. Unlike The Dress, which The New York Times in 2015 explained that it changes color according to the hues released by the amount of light, Project Primrose thanks technology.

Unveiled on Oct. 10 in Los Angeles during the Adobe MAX: 2023 Sneaks presentation, Adobe research scientist Christine Dierk wowed the audience with her animated dress that changed its color and design with just a click of a button. After a while, she revealed that the dress also detects its wearer’s movement, changing its pattern with each sway. 

“Creatives are always looking for new canvases to play with, and fashion has always been a place where consumers and designers alike can express their creativity,” said Christine.

The instant changes to the dress were made possible by the non-emissive textiles where designs could be flashed by content creators and designers to the interactive dress, with the help of Firefly, After Effects, Stock, and Illustrator, according to Adobe. So, no, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. That’s really just the beauty of the dress. 

However, according to Forbes, Project Primrose is not yet ready for mass production anytime soon. As of now, this next-generation textile is mostly limited to labs and catwalks while offering a look into the future of fashion and arts. 

Photos from “#ProjectPrimrose\Adobe MAX Sneaks 2023” from Adobe’s YouTube channel



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