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If you feel like turning off your brain, play these weird AF games

If you feel like turning off your brain, play these weird AF games

I feel like I’m just going through my days disassociating.

The vibe is “no thoughts head empty”  ft. floating on air, and if you’ll ask me how many brain cells I have left, the answer is: Bold of you to assume I even have one remaining.

I’m sure a lot of people are exhausted more than usual lately—I mean, who wouldn’t be? In these *2020 voice* trying times, the level of drain is no joke. And TBH, we could all steal some break. 

“Unproductive” hobbies are one thing, but WTF-inducing games are another. If you feel like zoning out, there are games that can help you back on your feet. They’re weird, they’re wonderful, and don’t need many brain cells to boot. 


“Tofu Girl”

Listen tofu enthusiasts, this is the true test. Are you down to see tofu getting stacked for your survival? In “Tofu Girl,” you need to build the highest tofu tower you can possibly create—thanks to timing and focus, of course. Okay, we know there are other games with the same dynamics already, but the concept and graphics here are pretty funny. The character’s drips are sick, too. I’ll unlock the heck out of them. 


“Weird Aquarium”

Is this the 3D fantasy for aspiring fish parents? As the name suggests, it’s more than that. “Weird Aquarium” welcomes weird rabbits and monsters into your aquarium like sleep paralysis creatures that want your attention. Buy them food, give them plants and the rest is history. At least they give you purpose. 


“Skip School”

Okay, maybe you’d need a few brain cells for this. But you don’t really need much effort anyway. Channel your escapist frustrations in “Skip School” where all you have to do is figure out how to get out of school without being caught. Props to the creator for the interesting stages. We trust you, but in case we have to say it: Please don’t do this IRL. Yes, even in online classes. 

Tip: There’s this game called “Skip Work,” too. Where my burnt-out homies at? 


“Eat Them All”

Ah, the Mukbang game of our dreams. If staring into space is your current vibe, “Eat Them All” is the aesthetically-pleasing table adventure for you—all you have to do is continually press your screen to feed your character Leon. Don’t forget to upgrade the creature’s stomach so you can buy the monster-eyed ice cream next. 


“Butts in Space”

The most WTF of them all, “Butts in Space” feeds our 11 p.m. curiosities on what the world would look like if our butts had more freedom. And for this game’s developers, it’s butts dodging asteroids. Before you sleep, building a toilet spaceship and collecting designer tissue might be a nice experience. 

Art by Yel Sayo



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