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Y2K fashion choices that need a redemption arc

Y2K, for some of us, was the best decade of our lives. Not only were we freeloading off our parents (we appreciate you, fam), but we also didn’t have to struggle for a 75 in biology. All we had to do was wake up early, automatically if I may add, for home cooked breakfasts and get dressed as we drown our thoughts with the sound of cartoons in the background.

On most days we’d wear outdated and ill-fitting uniforms while complying with somewhat sexist guidelines in our grooming codes (shoutout to Christian schools for not allowing guys to rock long hair when Jesus did it first), but we always looked forward to those days when we can break from the norm and flex in our jawns, aka ‘civilian’ clothes.

With the rise of online retail stores and social media influencers making consumption easier, it’s safe to say that fashion is at its biggest now. But looking back, the 2000s really shaped how we perceive and consume fashion today. Just the concept of experimentation to guide us in every step through pegs became a kind of gateway to some of our freshest looks that made it onto our “slambook” of pictures that we can post as a throwback. This, on the other hand, also gave birth to looks that we honestly wish we could burn with a fiery passion, along with our memory of even deciding to step out of the house in those threads in the first place.

As big designers and major fashion houses continue to be inspired by previous ears, it’s not impossible that we’ll get to see some of our favorites from the 2000s make their way back into our ‘BIN’ list, I mean, we saw a fucking ostrich run around the metro, and we all thought that was impossible. Well, here are some of the most memorable Y2K trends that we think deserve a comeback (or not).

1) Trucker Hats

Other than being a hat that’s mostly linked with the workwear aesthetic, we’re pretty sure we’ve all clustered trucker hats under Von Dutch or Bathing Ape. Although the trucker hat was associated with the whole ‘jeje cap’ situation in the early 2010s, this got us thinking, were we just not ready for it then? But are we ready for it now? We’re going with a yes.

2) Juicy Couture

Velour sweatsuits were already on a different level, but talk about the sweatpants that came with embroidered sequins on your butt that spell out ‘Juicy’? No cap, this was fire. And with athleisure still making waves, this is a comeback that isn’t far from happening.

3) True Religion jeans

Designer denim definitely had everyone in the 2000s emptying their pockets just to say they wear “everything designer.” And although the hype might have died down a decade later, a market for True Religion still exists. With the brand filing for bankruptcy last April, the production downsizing may lead to a massive rise in price, which can resurrect this brand. It almost happened to Evisu, and it can surely happen to True Religion as well.

4) Ties over plain shirts

Whoever started this thought that ties can be used as scarves. Bitch, you thought wrong. Not only did we look underdressed, but we also looked like we were cosplaying some Disney character. No lie, this must be the reason why we all have an unsure definition of “semi-formal.” This is a no.

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