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Today in trending: ‘Goodbye Philippines’ and ‘Cayetano’


Remember when “Goodbye Philippines” was just an overpriced firework being sold right before New Year’s? Well the term is resurfacing this morning on Twitter as people react to President Duterte being granted emergency powers; after a particularly vague session hearing on the bill yesterday, even we weren’t totally convinced.

But again, satirical or not, the whole tag is rubbing a lot of people the wrong way. Understandably so, I mean we’ve had all this talk about checking our privilege and to be able to just conveniently give up on our country is a big red bougie flag. To give up on the Philippines is to give up on Filipinos, some of whom have no choice but to stay and deal with the consequences. If anything, now is the best time to speak up and do something. Can Bangon Philippines trend instead?

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Moving on to the next trending tag of today (No. 13 as of writing), “Cayetano.” Whether he’s displaying his creepy painting, giving questionable public statements or holding up a manila paper for the internet to dank up, this man just won’t quit the Twitter charts. Today our ring toss lands on “giving questionable public statements” as Senator Cayetano continues to defend the government’s handling of the COVID-19 outbreak. I think we can understand where the anger is coming from.

In response to this, we leave this gift. Use it wisely.





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