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Mayor Alice Guo is the fashion icon we do not need

Mayor Alice Guo is the fashion icon we do not need

Red carpets and music award shows are a great place to find inspiration for your next big fit. But these days, it’s looking like the Senate hall is also a promising place to steal looks.

We’re all used to seeing this type of content about our favorite idols and movie stars, but the internet is (sometimes) a magical place filled with people who do God’s work. 

Bamban mayor Alice Guo is serving some interesting Senate hearing looks, which finally got the celebrity fit breakdown it probably doesn’t deserve. 

Each slide from the breakdown answers a question that’s on all of our minds: What is she wearing? And more importantly, how much does it cost? 

Despite the mayor’s shadowy past (cue: “Hindi ko na po maalala.”), the contents of her wardrobe tell a very flashy story. From Bulgari jewelry from the highly sought-after Serpenti collection (that costs more money than we’ll ever see in our lifetime) to a logo-manic Louis Vuitton shirt from the 2021 spring/summer collection—it’s a lot. 

Freya Collective, an online luxury bag reseller, posted the mayor’s fitspo on their Instagram not just to showcase her looks but also to remind people authenticity, accountability, and integrity matter. Even when it comes to what you’re wearing. 

“Let’s use our platform not only to showcase exquisite fashion but also to promote awareness and demand transparency from those in positions of power. Together, let’s empower our community to stay informed and engaged,” the post’s caption read.

“My Amnesia Girl” memes and secret agent jokes aside, Alice Guo is still a government official wearing P15,420,000 worth of apparel in one look.

And that in itself is a problem. 

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