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Little dreamers: The artists bringing memories to life

The AB Multimedia Arts 4 Students from Southville International School and Colleges are thrilled to announce Memento Vitae, an exciting art exhibit, scheduled to take place on May 31, 2024 to Jun. 09, 2024 at Homezone, Alabang Town Center in Muntinlupa, with their ribbon-cutting event to be held at 12:00 noon on the first day.

Memento Vitae is a student-organized art exhibit that deeply entwines art and nostalgia. With the theme “Remembering Life Through Nostalgic Experiences,” attendees will have the opportunity to see through the eyes of a child and experience a significant point in the artists’ childhoods that made them who they are today.

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“We’re a group of AB Multimedia Arts 4 Students about to step foot into the real world. What better way to get ready than to step forward by looking back?” Said the group. “This exhibit is for the artists to not only showcase their craft but also for us to be able to properly close a chapter before we start an entirely new one.”

Memento Vitae,

Memento Vitae

Besides bringing together art curators, collectors, and appreciators, this exhibit calls out to anyone who shares the same emotions or experiences growing up. Whether a simple mall goer or a planned attendee of the exhibit, Memento Vitae offers something for everyone, because everyone, at some point, was a child.

A few highlights of Memento Vitae include:

  1. The art. Different art pieces made by the artists will be seen, ranging from traditional to digital art mediums including video outputs and hand-made sculptures, making for an immersive experience going through the exhibit.
  2. The interaction. Get a chance to meet fellow art appreciators, reminiscers, and even the artists themselves, from whom you can personally hear their own stories from; and
  3. The theme. Memento Vitae translates to “remember life,” and that’s exactly what this exhibit hopes to accomplish with a walk through our exhibit. Whether through the artists’ memories or in remembering one’s own, the exhibit is a sure reminder of why life is beautiful.

Additionally, a few of these artworks will be up for sale throughout the entirety of the event.

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Attendance is open to everyone, and there are no entrance fees. For more announcements and information about Memento Vitae including an artist lineup, visit the Little Dreamers page on Facebook. Click here to watch their nostalgic trailer.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to see stellar pieces made by Southville’s ABMMA4. Visit Memento Vitae and dream a little dream with the Little Dreamers.


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