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6 IG thrift shops that are too good to gatekeep

6 IG thrift shops that are too good to gatekeep

Instagram thrift shops have been all the rage since the big “P,” but it takes taste to keep it going. As an avid (and competitive) miner, gatekeeping is one of my guilty pleasures to make sure I get what I want. But as a writer, it’s also my duty to share excellent finds when I spot them. 

These shops are the real deal, in the sense that the prices aren’t as outlandish as other online thrift shops, but also because the curation and quality are out of this world. Some of my favorite pieces are from these digital shelves, so I’ll be the first to say that these places really (and literally) do deliver. 

The saying goes, “If you love something, let it go,” so I’m releasing these IG shops to the world. Just please don’t beat me at the mining game. I will cry. 

Roxann Vintage

Vibe: A mix of avant-garde chic and mandatory closet staples a la your cool single aunt with lots of money who travels the world.

Unperfectly Bin

Vibe: Highly wearable, mix, and matchable Y2K apparel with matching shoes that wouldn’t be suspicious in your creative cousin’s wardrobe.

Thrifted by Gray

Vibe: Eclectic maximalist wear with funky patterns and silhouettes. Think of your lola’s cool college days.

Threadful Club

Vibe: The “13 Going on 30” meets the cast of “Charmed’s” wardrobe of your ate’s dreams. 

Vintage Boi Thrift 

Vibe: Your dad’s closet in the ’90s back when he was “in.”

Southside Wears

Vibe: Cute, preppy, Pinterest-worthy woven pieces that your younger cousins can’t get enough of. 

Header image from Roxann Vintage, Vintage Boi Thrift, and Unperfectly Bin Instagram


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