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Unique’s second album is currently in the works

Unique’s second album is currently in the works
Gabbi Garcia and Khalil Ramos for Scout x Globe

Looks like Unique’s follow up to his debut album Grandma is coming sooner than we think.

Yesterday, the singer-songwriter posted a cryptic image on his social media accounts. It is a simple green color block with the caption: “SECOND ALBUM.”

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There are no other details so far from Unique or his label O/C Records. But if the intention is to get us hyped, he succeeded.

He left us asking a lot of questions. Assuming that his debut album Grandma just dropped eight months ago, we can’t help but wonder, how soon will we hear this second album? Will it be a departure from his debut tracks? Will it be an extension of it? No one really knows except him for now.

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If Unique’s solo career proves anything, it’s the fact that we’re all in for a good surprise. Are you ready for his new tracks?

Still from Unique’s “Sino” MV


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