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LONER’s “Paperboy” is an anthem all fresh grads can relate to

LONER’s “Paperboy” is an anthem all fresh grads can relate to

By Denise Fernandez
Photos courtesy of LONER

It’s been a while since solo artist LONER‘s Blue Rare EP release. Now he’s returned with a new track called “Paperboy,” a personal song which he wrote while contemplating the lethargy and crisis fresh graduates usually get after they finish university.

LONER (a.k.a Lean Ordinario) talks about “Paperboy” and says, “It’s a song about boring days, the crisis of a post-graduate. ‘Paperboy’ is kind of a metaphor to a mundane job, because I see that people tend to suck themselves up just for work.”

He adds, “So it’s like, ‘Is it always gonna be like this? Can’t complain, what a shame.’ Because, understandingly, everybody really needs to grind.”

Listen to the full song here:

LONER will be releasing a music video for his song “Autumn” produced by Scout. Watch out for that real soon. In the meantime, follow LONER on social media.




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